Specializing in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) valves and actuaters.

Hello, my name is Mark Jensen Owner and operator of New Star EDM LLC, located in Provo Utah. New Star EDM was created to be your specialty EDM shop able to meet your broad and specialty needs for EDM work. I personally bring 30+ years’ of CNC programming experience and running of manual and CNC mills, lathes, sinker & wire EDM’s in both an R&D environment and a semi production setting. My experience in the oil industry at Novatek located in Provo Utah has provided many opportunities cutting (PCD) Polycrystalline Diamond and other complex materials and configurations. This included but is not limited to aiding in the design and building of Industrial Diamond presses and piloting the setup of multiple machining processes for projects we developed and sold.

The last 13 years my skills have been honed in on developing EDM processes in R&D for small PCD valves and turbines. During which time I planned, purchased, and developed processes of MFG and procedures to successfully deliver on a high level. Among those purchases were wire EDM, plunge EDM, and EDM drill along with multi axis CNC machines and tooling mills to name a few. During this time I managed and trained personnel to aid in running the equipment and maintaining flow of product through the shop. My experience with EDM was not restricted to PCD projects alone, but included all operations with 20+ machines, which included work from Novatek’s parent company Schlumberger affiliates Co.

New Star EDM is the best location for your individual needs for EDM work and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of work. I take personal interest in your projects and can even aid in design as needed for manufacturability to keep your costs reasonable. I look forward to being your source of high quality EDM work as I partner with you.


Mark Jensen (Owner/Operator of New Star EDM)

Lauren, a mechanical engineer, holding gears made by the machinists at New Star EDM.
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